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Recent Reviews

Hear from Our Patients

Knowing that we can restore our patients’ mobility and help them live healthy lives again means the world to us. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that our past clients have had, take a look at the list of testimonials below.

Kiara B., personal trainer

“Dr. Kraus is SPECIAL! I have had chiropractic care for over 20 years and have experienced countless chiropractors with different methods. After moving to Marin I needed someone I could trust with not only my body, but someone to refer my clients to.  Dr. Kraus is by far my favorite! He is extremely knowledgeable and really LISTENS and cares for his patients.  His techniques span a wide variety and go deep into the fascia and muscles. "

Sara M., NP

"I met Dr. Kraus a few years ago after suffering through 6 months of back pain from a work-related injury as a nurse. Rest, medication and PT did nothing to heal my injury. I could not effectively perform my job as a nurse and even thought about changing jobs. After a thorough history and exam, he provided the most gentle but effective adjustments. With regular treatments and doing the exercises he recommended, I was back to full work duty and totally pain-free after a few weeks.”

Nancy B, publicist

I was successfully treated by Dr. Neil Kraus several times for a developing condition (degenerative hip arthritis) that was exacerbated by a bad fall mid-way through my treatment. With gentle skill and finesse in using different modalities that were just right for me, Dr. Kraus significantly helped reduce the pain and physical restrictions that I was experiencing, and enabled me to regain considerable flexibility to the point that I am now able to move, exercise and dance regularly with much greater ease and comfort. I am back to a more vigorous daily exercise program with continued improvements in flexibility (without pain) thanks to Dr. Neil Kraus… and feel much better! I look forward to “tune-ups” as necessary with the hopes that through his excellent and effective treatment methods, I can keep the joy of movement going as long as possible without surgery.
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